Sunday, April 13, 2008

West 181 Street and Pinehurst Avenue Community Garden

The following photo was taken while preparing the West 181 Street and Pinehurst Avenue Terraces for the 2007 Season. We are looking forward to clean up the area in 2008. Please sign-up to the West 181st Street Beautification Project Discussion Group. We will inform you when we are going to start planting at the Pinehurst Avenue Terraces.

West 181 Street and Pinehurst Avenue Terraces: A Brief History

The terraces and steps were built in 1924 to connect W. 181st Street and W. 183rd Street.

The terrace gardens were created by the West 181 Street Beautification Project and have been cared for by them since 1986.

Garden Care 2007

Vol. 13. #1 - March 2008 - Youth News/Noticias (YouthNewsNoticias_march_2008.pdf) is uploaded for your viewing - View PDF version of the March 2008 Youth News letter. The document contains Spanish Translation. Look for YouthNewsNoticias_march_2008.pdf file.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Our youth work this winter has focused on in-depth leadership training and mentoring. As volunteer Executive Director of the West 181 Street Beautification Project, I have had the privilege of working closely with Paola Nunez and Richard Pazmino, fine young people who both started working with us when they were eight years old, and now, as young adults, are our first part-time paid staff.  As Assistant Executive Director, Paola has not only become an essential part of all our work but has had the opportunity to encourage teens to direct and lead special projects. As Assistant Program Director, Richard has led garden projects and, inspired by community resident Fumi Onuma, has pioneered a very special youth mentoring project. We are proud to share their work with you.
     - Jeanlee M. Poggi, Advisor